Building a new home can be an exciting project. It is one of life’s major projects that people embark on. When it is not carefully planned and managed properly it can be exhausting and also financially draining. It is therefore important to note the mistakes new home builders make before venturing into the process. Below are a number of things to avoid when building a home.


When it comes to real estate investments, the location plays an important role. Since you are planning to build a new home, the location is equally important. You need to consider the neighbourhood in which you want your land, the distance between your land and other everyday facilities like banks, schools, supermarket, parks etc. The quality of your land and others around it also help determine its cost and cost of the building materials. It is advisable to invest in a land that allows you to save cost.


At this point, you are likely searching for the right contractor. One thing is getting the contractor for your home, the other is understanding the contractor’s quotes. Building a new home can be challenging and financially draining as mentioned earlier, but you want to be careful in choosing the builder with the lowest quote. The truth is, you may end up spending more than budgeted. There are certain expenses that people don’t consider while planning their budgets and often forget that contractors use different methods of pricing. Where some might give you the price of individual materials needed, others might give the estimate of all the materials. It is, however, advisable to stick with contractors that give precise costs of all necessary materials in order to avoid surprises. Also considering a contractor’s wealth of experience is a good way to start, especially in handling similar projects.


Once you embark on the project of building a new home, it is advisable to not go into another that will require making big purchases. Building a new home is enough for a particular period of time because of the financial commitment required. For instance, you don’t want to buy a car in the process of building a home. The car price might seem like a bargain but you can never predict the unexpected expenses that will occur when building your home. You would want to avoid trouble by spending on your home building budget.


If you are building a home, you definitely want it designed to your taste. Everyone has an idea of their dream home; how they want it to look like and what they want in it. These ideas are either self-thoughts or the ones gotten from the pages of a magazine. Whichever it is, you should make the final decision before construction starts on the land. Making changes during the construction phase can result in additional expenses and significant delays.


One of the pitfalls of building a new home is that people tend to believe that the bigger the land, the more the rooms they need within. But this is not always so or needed as they think. There is no point having lots of rooms that will be empty after a month or two. Like building a playroom or a home gym sounds cool but would be of no use when it wouldn’t be used in months. This is not to say having room for special purposes is a bad idea, just make sure it can easily transit into a room with a different purpose.


Another mistake to avoid when building a new house is the wrong placements of rooms. You might have great ideas for your home but without proper planning of the rooms, you will be fed up in a long run. For instance, not having your kitchen close to the entrance of your home is a disaster waiting to happen especially when bringing the groceries in. You don’t want to walk the length of the whole building before getting to the kitchen. Below are tips for planning your rooms:

  • The laundry room should be near the bedroom.
  • The bedroom should be at the furthest part of the house and the garage. It should be away from the noise from the street and also from all the dirt coming through from the garage.
  • The kitchen should be near the back entrance or the garage, as well as next to the dining and the living room.


During the process of building your home, it is always tempting to try and save cost. Therefore, you end up buying cheap materials and windows. The issue with this is that it saves you the needed money for the present, but you might have to replace them in five years’ time. It is advisable to buy quality materials, hire quality contractors and workers in order to save future cost. Remember it is your home and you make be planning to live in it for long. So why not build what will give you rest.


Poor space planning is one of many home mistakes new home builders make. Unless you have plans to build a very large home, space planning and design is crucial. Ask yourself, does the master bedroom really need an oversized walk-in closet when the space could potentially be added to your bedroom or master bath? Pay attention to where you place your closets. There should be one in each bedroom and in the main hallway. Managing space in your home will save you the stress of squeezing through the whole place.


It is not unusual to see some homes and wonder if the owner actually planned on living in it. This is often due to poor ventilation. Most people don’t pay attention to their windows and the overall lighting of their homes. It is advisable that windows should be in every room and ensure that they are as big as possible. It is also important to consider making Natural light the main source of light.


Inasmuch as it is advisable to seek opinions from other people or professionals, you are still one with the decision making. You best know your family and your family’s lifestyle and needs. You and only you know what is best for you and your family. Therefore, when making plans for your home, you need to think about the future.

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Olaitan Olatoye Olalekan is a Nigerian businessman, philanthropist, real estate enterpreneur and owner/founder of Olla Realtor LTD, a real estate brokerage & development firm located in Gerogia. He is committed to educating, mentoring, and supporting other entrepreneurs and regularly speaks on his entrepreneurial experiences. As a Realtor based in Georgia, Olaitan also known as OllaWealth provides Strategic Marketing and Transaction Management services to his clients across many markets. His business is built on: Dedication, Communication, Determination, & Trust while embodying the ability to cater and adapt to all of his client’s Real Estate needs.
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